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What type of computer or device do I need to use PetLinx?

For our Cloud editions, we recommend the use of a Windows computer/tablet, Mac, or Android/iOS tablet - see the PetLinx Cloud section below for further information.

For our Desktop editions, we recommend a Windows computer running Windows 7 or later with a minimum of 4GB RAM, and a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. PetLinx requires approximately 1GB of space on the hard drive. The Desktop Single edition can also be run on a Mac running Windows emulation software such as Parallels Desktop.

How do I set up the Desktop Network edition of PetLinx?

On the "database server" computer you should choose Desktop Network - Database Server as the setup type when installing PetLinx. During installation, SQL Server Express (which is the program that hosts the database) will be automatically configured to allow the other computers to connect to it, and allow it through the computer's firewall.

On the "client" computers (the computers that will connect to the database server), you should choose Desktop Network - Client Computer as the setup type when installing PetLinx. Then when running PetLinx on the client for the first time you will be prompted to connect to the existing database, which should be {Database Server Computer Name}\PETLINX. If you are unsure of the server name to use here, click the About PetLinx ribbon button in PetLinx on the database server. This will display the Database Server name you will need to select when prompted on each client computer.

If you can't see {Database Server Computer Name}\PETLINX listed as a server name to connect to from the client, then it means the database is not being allowed through the database server's firewall. Close out of PetLinx on the client, then try running the program ServerConfig.exe which can be found in the PetLinx4 folder on the database server(normally c:\program files\petlinx4 or c:\program files (x86)\petlinx4), then run PetLinx on the client again. If you still don't see the database server listed to connect to, then please contact us and we will arrange a remote support session with you to resolve this.

I am having trouble downloading or installing the PetLinx demo, could you please help?

The demo is quite a large file so if you are getting disconnected when you attempt to download it, please try using a download tool such as Free Download Manager which allows you to resume downloads if you get disconnected. If you encounter error messages during the installation, uninstall PetLinx using Windows Control Panel, reboot your computer, then reinstall PetLinx. PetLinx may not be able to install correctly sometimes if your computer has a pending reboot due, and most of the time a reboot will resolve this.

I am not very computer literate! Will I find PetLinx easy enough to use?

Feedback from our customers indicates that they find PetLinx to be the most user friendly software package on the market! You should have no trouble navigating your way around PetLinx. If however you do run into problems there is a comprehensive help system and you can always email or phone us for prompt and friendly help.

What sort of technical support do you provide for PetLinx?

Prompt and friendly :-). For the Desktop editions purchased with a one time payment, we offer unlimited support for PetLinx for one year from the time you buy PetLinx or pay to upgrade from an earlier version. If you come across an error whilst using PetLinx, first ensure you have the latest PetLinx update installed (Desktop editions only). If the problem still persists after installing the latest update, or you have a problem installing PetLinx, then you should contact us. You can do this by either using the Technical Support ribbon option in the PetLinx program, or by sending an email describing the problem to our technical support team. We will send back a response as soon as possible.

Email is our preferred method of communication, but you can also phone us of course, or if you have Skype you can call us for free from anywhere in the world - see our contact page for more information on how to get hold of us.

If you require support and it has been more than one year since you purchased PetLinx with a one time payment and you have not upgraded to a later version, then you will need to renew your Support and Updates subscription before we will be able to provide support. This can be bought using our Online Store. Please note we no longer provide support for PetLinx 4 or earlier, and those earlier versions are not compatible with the latest versions of Windows; customers still using earlier versions should look to upgrade to the latest version.

For the Cloud editions and Desktop editions purchased on a monthly subscription, support is included in the monthly charge as long as your account is active and paid for.

Can I download and try out the demo on one computer then download and purchase it on a different computer?

Yes you can download the demo onto as many computers as you wish! However after purchasing you must only register and use PetLinx on as many computers as you have purchased licenses for.

Using PetLinx
Can I have my business logo added to the invoice produced by PetLinx?

Yes - if you go into the System Options form, General Options tab, you can upload your logo which will then be displayed in the printed invoice and receipt. You can make further changes to the look of the invoice by using the powerful in-built Report Editor. With the Report Editor you can add and position your logo, change the font and colors, or move database fields around to have the invoice setup just the way you want it.

Can PetLinx data be exported to Quickbooks or any similar accounting system?

Yes, PetLinx can export your customers, vendors, products, services, and invoices to Quickbooks Desktop (your version of Quickbooks will need to support importing IIF files). Please note Quickbooks Online does not currently support importing IIF files directly so a third party utility such as Axis Import must be used. If you would like an export created for an accounting system other than Quickbooks, please contact us.

How do I backup my PetLinx database?

For the Desktop editions, PetLinx includes a Database Manager program that enables you to quickly and easily backup your database to a storage device or online backup facility. If backing up to a storage device, we recommend you do this at least once a week and store the device off premises. PetLinx also includes the AutoBackup feature which makes backups of your database while you work. You can configure how often this is done and where to store the backups in the System Options form, Backup tab.

For Cloud edition customers we handle the backups for you!

I have installed the demo of the Desktop Network edition and it is asking me for a username and password. What should I use?

You should login with the username admin. The password is petlinx, and is case sensitive.

If there is a feature I would like added to PetLinx what should I do?

PetLinx is a constantly evolving product, and we are always interested in hearing from our customers about suggested additions. All you need to do is contact us and we will consider your suggestion and this may be added to a future version. If the change you require is urgent you can pay us to have it developed, which will guarantee it will be included in the next PetLinx update. Again, contact us for more information and an idea of the cost.

PetLinx Desktop on Monthly Subscription
Do I need to sign a contract if purchasing PetLinx Desktop on a monthly subscription?

No, we don't like contracts and I'm sure you don't either (who reads them anyway?). You're free to cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please contact us by writing to requesting the ending of your subscription. Please note we do not refund a partial month if you request a cancellation part way through a month you have already paid for. You must also provide at least 48 hours notice of your request to close your account before a new month is due to be billed, otherwise a further month will be debited.

What will happen if I miss a monthly payment?

If we are unable to process a monthly payment due to an issue with your credit card, a message alerting you to this will be displayed when you next start PetLinx, and we will also get in touch with you with regards to this. If we are still unable to debit your payment after one week, Petlinx will not open and will remain locked until all outstanding payments have been successfully debited.

Will you increase my monthly charge after I have signed up for the subscription?

When you order PetLinx Desktop on a monthly subscription we guarantee to keep your monthly charge at the price you ordered for at least 12 months. After the 12 months are up your monthly charge may increase or decrease in line with a change in our associated costs, however notice will be given before any changes are made.

PetLinx Cloud
Can I try a demo of PetLinx Cloud?

PetLinx Cloud is practically the same program as the Desktop Network edition, so if you have a Windows or Mac (running windows emulation) computer then you can download the demo to try it out for free for 30 days. If you are unable to do this then please contact us - we may be able to arrange a demo PetLinx Cloud account that you can use for a limited time.

Can PetLinx Cloud be used on iPhone/iPad and Android phones and tablets?

It can, however as it essentially our desktop program running in a hosted environment and will not scale down to phone sized screens, you will not receive an optimal experience. We recommend the use of a Windows computer or tablet, or a Mac. We recommend the use of the PetLinx App on phones and tablets.

What internet speed do I need to use PetLinx Cloud?

You'll need a download speed of at least 10mbps to use PetLinx Cloud, you can find out your current speed using You can still use PetLinx Cloud on speeds less than 10mbp but you will have a less than satisfactory experience.

Do you charge a setup fee before I can start using PetLinx Cloud?

Not at all! We will charge your first month's payment when you subscribe but you will not be charged any other fees.

Do I need to sign a contract to start using PetLinx Cloud?

No, we don't like contracts and I'm sure you don't either (who reads them anyway?). You're free to cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I cancel my PetLinx Cloud account?

Please contact us by writing to requesting the closure of your account, and we will confirm by return email when this has been done. Please note we do not refund a partial month if you request a cancellation part way through a month you have already paid for. You must also provide at least 48 hours notice of your request to close your account before a new month is due to be billed, otherwise a further month will be debited.

How often do you backup my database, and can I receive a copy of the backup?

We do a full backup of your database twice a day. To request a copy of your latest backup to be sent to you please contact us, but note there is an administration charge associated with this. The backup will be in SQL Server backup format.

I have the Desktop Single or Network edition of PetLinx currently, how do I switch to PetLinx Cloud?

Simply purchase the Cloud edition on our Online Store, then take a backup of your database using the PetLinx Database Manager program and contact us about getting the backup file to us. We'll then load your database into PetLinx Cloud ready for use.
Once you start using PetLinx Cloud you will no longer need to use the Desktop Single or Network edition installed on your computer. If you decide to cancel your Cloud account and revert to the Desktop Single/Network edition, we will send you your latest backup from PetLinx Cloud which you can restore using the PetLinx Database Manager program. Please note you must have a valid Desktop Single/Network edition licence for PetLinx 6, you cannot restore a PetLinx Cloud database into PetLinx 5 or earlier.

What happens to my data if I cancel my account?

If you cancel your account we will on request email you a copy of your latest database backup (in SQL Server backup format) free of charge if your account is not overdue on a payment. We will retain a copy of your backup for up to a week in case you re-activate your account, after which it will be deleted from our server.

What will happen if I miss a monthly payment?

If we are unable to process a monthly payment due to an issue with your credit card, a message alerting you to this will be displayed when you next start PetLinx Cloud. If we are still unable to debit your credit card after one week your account will be locked, and after one month your account will be cancelled and database deleted.

Will you increase my monthly charge after I have signed up for PetLinx Cloud?

When you order PetLinx Cloud we guarantee to keep your monthly charge at the price you ordered for at least 12 months. After the 12 months are up your monthly charge may increase or decrease in line with a change in our associated costs, however notice will be given before any changes are made.

PetLinx App
What is the PetLinx App?

The PetLinx App is an app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices, and is used in conjuncton with the main PetLinx program.  It enables you to view and manage your customers, pets, and bookings all from the convenience of your phone or tablet.  Use of the app requires an existing PetLinx 6 Desktop subscription, or PetLinx Cloud subscription. The app supports the Grooming module presently, with Boarding and Daycare to be added soon.

Is there an extra charge to use the app?

No, it's a free add-on to your PetLinx subscription :-)

Can I try a demo?

Absolutely, please contact us and provide further information on your business and we will supply you with a login to use, connected to a set of sample data.

Ordering PetLinx
How do I choose between ordering the Desktop Single, Desktop Network, or Cloud editions?

If you will be the only person using PetLinx then you just need to order the Desktop Single edition, which is licensed for use by one person at a time and installed on one computer.

If you will have multiple users of PetLinx over your internal computer network and you wish to all share the same database, then you need to order the Desktop Network edition which is licensed initially for use on two computers. If you have more than two computers that you will need to use PetLinx on then order as many additional licences as you need. For example if you have four computers using PetLinx, then order the Desktop Network edition plus two additional licences. The Network edition stores the database on one of the computers on your network, which should ideally be the most powerful computer. Please consult with a computer network specialist regarding setting up a computer network if you don't already have one.

If you would rather not have to maintain the system yourself on your own computers, want to access PetLinx from any computer you're on, or want to use PetLinx on non-Windows computers or devices (e.g. Mac, iPad, Android) and have a good internet connection, then the Cloud Standard edition is for you. The Cloud Standard edition is hosted on our servers and is accessed over the internet. We take responsibility for making the system available, installing the latest updates, and backing up your database.

If your business has two or more locations and you want to share the same customer and pet base between all locations, then choose the Cloud Multi-Location edition. This edition enables location specific employees, bookings, and invoicing, while also providing administrator access to enable selected users to modify, view, and report on data for any location.

If I order PetLinx and then decide I am not happy with it, am I entitled to a refund?

We do not offer refunds on PetLinx after an order has been processed. This is why we offer a 30 day free demo to all prospective customers, so you can "try before you buy". After processing an order you are issued with a serial number which enables you to use the full version of PetLinx - if we were to offer refunds we would have no guarantee that the customer would not continue to use PetLinx.

If I order PetLinx how long will I have to wait before I can start using it?

For PetLinx Desktop, you can start using it straight away if you already have the demo installed. Upon processing of your order we will supply you with a serial number that will enable you to use the full version of PetLinx Desktop immediately. For PetLinx Cloud, an account needs to first be created for your use by one of our staff members. Once this has been completed, we will email you details on how to connect into your account.

What payment methods are there available to purchase PetLinx?

Payment for PetLinx orders can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express), with PayPal, or by bank transfer (New Zealand customers only). Please note if paying by PayPal or bank transfer that your order will only be processed once the funds have been cleared in our account. Payment for PetLinx Cloud or PetLinx Desktop on a monthly subscription must be done with a credit card. Some services (e.g. database conversion charges, custom work charges) cannot be purchased on a monthly subscription and must be paid in one payment, on a separate order. You have the choice of purchasing in one of six currencies: US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Euros, Australian dollars or New Zealand dollars.

Will I receive a CD and printed user manual with my PetLinx Desktop order?

We do not physically send you anything when you purchase PetLinx Desktop as it is an electronically delivered product; the program, tutorials, and help file are all included in the installation file. The latest version of PetLinx Desktop and all historical versions are, and always will be, available to download from our website.

Reinstalling PetLinx Desktop
How do I transfer PetLinx to a new computer?

Please follow these steps:

  1. On your old computer, take a backup of your PetLinx database using the PetLinx Database Manager program. Backup the database onto a USB drive or other removable disk.
  2. Make a note of your PetLinx serial number; if you don't have the original email we sent you containing the serial number, go into the Help - About PetLinx program option in PetLinx to see this. If you don't have the original email or PetLinx installed, see the next topic to get your serial number re-generated.
  3. On your new computer, download and install PetLinx. Please ensure you download the correct version that you are licensed for (links for older versions are at the bottom of the page).
  4. On your new computer, plug in your removable disk containing your backed up database.
  5. Open PetLinx on the new computer for the first time, and a screen will display asking you (amongst a few other options) if you want to create a new database or restore an existing database. Choose "Restore existing database from backup", and select the backup file on your removable disk. Click OK to have your database restored.
  6. When the 30 day trial screen appears, register PetLinx with your serial number by clicking the "Register Product" button.
  7. You may be prompted to install an update to match the PetLinx version you had been using previously. Follow the on screen instructions to install this - if your Support and Updates subscription has expired you will need to renew this first to obtain the latest update, which can be done using our Online Store.
  8. When PetLinx loads up you will be connected to your database and are ready to go.
  9. Uninstall PetLinx on your old computer using the Windows Control Panel or Windows Settings, Programs option.
I have lost the email containing my PetLinx serial number, can you resend it to me?

If you still have PetLinx installed, you can find your serial number by going into the Help - About PetLinx program option. Otherwise we can re-generate your serial number for you, there is a charge for this service if you don't have a current Support and Updates Subscription. To get this under way, create a new order at our Online Store, choose the "One Time Payment" payment option, tick “Re-issue Registration Details” and complete the rest of your order.

If I uninstall PetLinx then reinstall it, will I lose all my client data in my database?

No, definitely not. When you uninstall PetLinx using the Windows Control Panel/Settings, Programs option, your database will stay on your hard drive (or network, if using the Network edition). Then when you reinstall PetLinx and run it for the first time after reinstalling, PetLinx will "see" your database is already there and use it again. If using the Network edition, you just need to ensure you select the same database server as you were using before, if prompted by PetLinx.

It is good practice to always make a backup of your database before you uninstall PetLinx, or apply an update. Also ensure you have noted down your serial number as you will need to enter this again after reinstalling. If you have misplaced the original email from us containing your serial number, then before you uninstall go into the Help ~ About PetLinx program option and write down the serial number displayed. There is a charge if we need to re-issue you with your serial number.

PetLinx Desktop and Upgrading to Windows 10
Will PetLinx Desktop still work if I upgrade my computer to Windows 10?

In most cases, computers with PetLinx installed (from versions 3 to 6) can be upgraded to Windows 10 and PetLinx will continue to work as normal after the upgrade. However if a version of PetLinx 4 prior to version 4.60 (released on 1 December 2012) was initially installed on the computer, there may be some additional steps required before an upgrade to Windows 10 should be undertaken. Versions of PetLinx 4 from version 4.00 to 4.53 made use of SQL Server 2005 to store the database. SQL Server 2005 is not compatible with Windows 10 and will not work after the upgrade, whereas subsequent versions of PetLinx use SQL Server 2008 or 2014 which is compatible. To check if PetLinx is using SQL Server 2005 and requires upgrading to SQL Server 2008/2014 before you can upgrade to Windows 10, please check our step by step guide.

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If using PetLinx Cloud or PetLinx Desktop on a monthly subscription, the Support and Updates Subscription is included in your monthly charge.

PetLinx Version
PetLinx 6
One Time Payment Purchase: One year included from date of purchase, purchase of Support and Updates Subscription is required if expired.
Monthly Subscription Purchase: Support and updates included in subscription.
PetLinx 5
One year included from date of purchase, purchase of Support and Updates Subscription is required if expired. Updates will only be issued for bug fixes, no new features are being developed.
PetLinx 1-4
Unsupported; existing customers should upgrade to the latest version.

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PetLinx Edition
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Network Edition
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The renewal of your subscription provides you with the following benefits:

  • Access to PetLinx updates, containing the latest features and fixes
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  • When combined with a BookMy.Pet Portal subscription, the convenience and time savings by allowing your customers to manage their pets and request new bookings in our mobile friendly online portal

Please note: Our support is limited to matters directly relating to the PetLinx program. We will not be able to assist with other software (including software integrated with or opened from PetLinx and anti-virus software) or hardware (including payment processing devices, printers, cash drawers, scanners, modems/routers) unless that hardware has been purchased from us.

If expired, your subscription is extended for up to 3 months by upgrading from the Desktop Single edition to the Desktop Network edition, by purchasing an additional module, or by purchasing another licence for the Desktop Network edition. If you don't wish to renew your subscription you can also purchase a one-off support request per specific incident you are encountering.

Lost Serial Numbers

Re-issuing of lost PetLinx serial numbers incurs an administration charge if you don't have a current Support and Updates Subscription. Serial numbers can only be re-issued for customers using PetLinx 5 or 6 and can be purchased on our Online Store (choose "Purchase of additional software modules, support renewal, and other services", tick "Re-issue Registration Details" then complete the order).