Now available - PetLinx 7 Desktop

If using an earlier version you need to first purchase the upgrade to move to PetLinx 7

PetLinx Mobile App

App is free with an existing PetLinx Cloud or Desktop (version 6 or later) subscription

Existing PetLinx Customers - Download the Latest Update

If you have PetLinx Desktop 5.82 or greater installed, a daily check will see if an update has been released and give you the option to download and install it.  Alternatively you can download the latest update here and install it manually, you will require a current subscription and your serial number (choose the Help – About PetLinx ribbon option in PetLinx to locate this).

Please Note: you cannot do major upgrades with this update, e.g. to upgrade from PetLinx 6 to PetLinx 7.  Please download the full version of PetLinx 7 using the link at this top of the page to upgrade.

Previous Versions Downloads

For customers still using PetLinx versions 2 to 6 you can download the full version here.

Please Note: PetLinx 4 and earlier versions are obsolete and not compatible with the latest versions of Windows, we recommend upgrading.
Version 6.54
50% Upgrade Discount!
Version 5.97
25% Upgrade Discount!
Version 4.99.2
Version 3.67
Version 2.71

Upgrade PetLinx 6 or 5 to PetLinx 7 Desktop starting from under $US 20 /month!

PetLinx 6 or 5 Support subscription expired?