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PetLinx pet grooming. boarding, daycare software. Perfect on desktop, cloud, or mobile

Software for pet care professionals starting at only $US 35 per month (paid annually).

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Dog Grooming Software

Quickly create bookings with multiple services, and auto-create future bookings based on customer visit recurrence periods.


Record detailed notes on pet groom styles and lengths for easy recall.


Send reminders by SMS or email, as well as “grooming completed” messages.

Boarding Kennel Software

Complex pricing structure?  No problem, PetLinx handles it all.  Charge by run type or pet size, and vary by number of pets, season, or booking length.


Split bookings over multiple runs to maximize capacity.


Record precise details of feeding and medications, and create daily work schedules from these.

Dog Daycare Software

Easy management of daycare bookings grouped together in the way you want, with weekly recurrence options.


Simplify customer payments with prepaid credit packages, with credits deducted on each visit. 


Prompt your customers to top up their prepaid credits with in-program alerts and reminder messages.

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Try PetLinx at your own pace, or let us give you a guided tour.

Have some questions first?  Reach out and we’ll be happy to help. 

What Do Our Customers Think?

Cyndy W.
Daily Life Been using this software for years. Its growing with our business. ☺Its easy to use, and fits into our business model. Without this software we would be back to a manual card system. The reports and daily lists are really great and help us to run our business smoothly. Integration with our accounts package is a definite plus. ☹Customising reports especially for cross table information is difficult to do
Melissa M.
Great software and fantastic support! We have used this software for a few years now. I love how the developers continue to make it better. ☺The new update in 7 that sends boarding reminders with our cancellation policy attached. This will help cut down on no shows. ☹A way to input daily reminders for staff that will alert at a certain time
Megan L.
Use friendly and customizable ☺I have a new boarding and grooming business and was looking for an easy to use software to keep client and pet records organized, create and modify bookings, send reminders to clients, and allow clients to request reservations. Petlinx has it all! I started with the built in tutorials which were very easy to follow along with for initial setup and getting to know the modules. Petlinx perfectly strikes the balance between being user friendly and customizable. It's very easy to access and update client information, as well as to customize lists and options. Employee setup is easy to use as well. Petlinx connects to Quickbooks. The online registration for clients to request services is user friendly and very easy for clients. Customer service/tech support is amazing. Any questions I had were usually answered via email usually within a few hours, and sometimes within minutes. The learning curve was minimal but it does take some time to get it fully set up and practice to become fluent in the program. I'm glad I had time to familiarize myself with it, customize all the data lists and options, create all my custom emails, and test it all before needing it. ☹Connecting my work email to send email confirmations and reminders to clients was not a tech skill I have done before and I needed quite a bit of help to find the settings in my email to allow Petlinx to connect. Thankfully there is a tutorial on the way!
Ashley H.
PetLinx Review. Overall I thought the customer service has been great. We haven't been able to really use Petlinx to its full potential yet but when we finally switch over I am confident it will meet our needs. ☺It is customizable to your needs and the customer service has been very helpful. ☹Took a little time to get used to. We're still working on how to set up diet sheets like we'd like them.
Dawn B.
Great software Great software. Great customer service. They are always working on improvements which is great. ☺Easy to use. Really like the reports for accounting purposes. ☹They have an app that they are working on. Right now I have crashing problems.
Ronnie I.
grooming software I could not run my groomig business with out it ☺keeps me on track, easy to use and reaccuring entries is the best thing ever ☹reaccuring entries, keeping track of clients accounts and payments
Cindy L.
Pet Linx is a pleasure to work with I gave my computer students the assignment to look at software vendors to find a package for my daughter's dog grooming business. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] at PetLinx is very supportive of the project and I'm hoping that we'll be able to repay PetLinx with great promotional material. PetLinx supports their community ☺Friendly and supportive service provided by PetLinx ☹positive experience working with PetLynx
Richard T.
Petlinx user Over all would recommend as it does the job ☺Reporting is good, able to keep track of who owes money. Ease of use ☹Little on the expensive side - along with the subscription each year it comes at a cost. Purchased the network edition but now it won't communicate with the database and don't want to uninstall in case the backup doesn't work.


For our Cloud editions, we recommend the use of a Windows computer/tablet, Mac, or Android/iOS tablet.  You will also need a fast internet connection with a download speed of at least 20mbps to use PetLinx Cloud, you can find out your current speed using You can still use PetLinx Cloud on speeds less than 20mbp but you will experience lag.


For our Desktop editions, we recommend a Windows computer running Windows 7 or later with a minimum of 4GB RAM, and a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. PetLinx requires approximately 1GB of space on the hard drive. The Desktop Single edition can also be run on a Mac running Windows emulation software such as Parallels Desktop.