Benefits of Mobile Apps for Pet Care Businesses

Pet owners are getting more tech-savvy by the day; your business must start infusing this technology into its day-to-day operations to stay ahead of the competition in the pet care industry. Start leveraging the benefits of mobile apps for your business; discover how the PetLinx mobile app can help today.

Streamline Communication

Keeping track of your four-legged friends is hard enough, so make scheduling with your employees easier than ever with the PetLinx mobile companion app. Keeping track of customer appointments and workers’ schedules can often feel like the world’s most complicated game of telephone tag. Between phone calls, emails, and texts, things tend to get lost in translation. Our mobile app means you and your staff are never far from their schedules and can check availability or upcoming appointments while on the move. Take advantage of the organisational benefits of mobile apps for your business by trialling PetLinx.

Make Changes to Your Schedule on the Fly

Pet care businesses’ schedules are ever-changing. Keep up with the fast past life of the pet care industry with the help of our pet booking app. Through our mobile app, owners and staff can view their schedules from their phones and make adjustments by simply swiping left or right to change dates/times. If a client is running late and needs to push their appointment back, you can easily jump into the app and change the booking time, no problem! Or perhaps something has come up, and you aren’t available; you can also block out times on the app so you don’t get any appointments during this period.

Digitise Data Management

Data management is one of the biggest benefits of mobile apps for pet care businesses. Our mobile app lets you track customer booking history and pet information such as dietary requirements or vaccination status. You can use this data to improve the customer experience, identify trends, and make informed business decisions. If paper trails are bogging down your business, consider going digital with the PetLinx app.

Increase Brand Visibility

You should take advantage of the brand visibility benefits of mobile apps for your business. We’re all guilty of spending a little too much time on our phones these days; while this is terrible for our eyes, it’s fantastic for brand visibility opportunities. Get your brand into the pockets of potential customers by leveraging mobile apps.


Through mobile apps, your pet care business can advertise services, promotions, and discounts to a broader audience. Mobile apps allow you to better connect with your audience and convey your brand messaging; increased familiarity between yourself and your target audience will build trust and, eventually, clientele.  

It’s Time for Your Pet Care Business to Get Mobile!

The benefits of mobile apps for businesses speak for themselves. If you aren’t already using one, it’s time to start utilising the power of mobile apps.


Whether you’re looking for grooming, daycare, or kennel software, PetLinx has the solution for you. Start your free trial today and take your business to the next level!