5 Key Features of PetLinx Software

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PetLinx software is the ultimate multi-tool for the pet care industry. Whether you’re running a grooming salon, dog daycare, or boarding business, there’s a feature to keep everyone happy. From owners to customers and their furry friends, everyone is raving about PetLinx. Discover five key features of this powerful pet care platform.

Keep Your Schedule on Track

When running a pet care business, your schedule is the lifeblood of your business. It’s the difference between a smooth operation and a chaotic storm of barking dogs and unhappy customers. You can keep your schedule on track with our dog boarding and pet grooming software. PetLinx’s schedule management feature provides an up-to-date view of all your bookings. Updates can be made on the fly and displayed in real-time to ensure you and your staff know exactly what you need to be doing.

Digitise Data Collection

Keeping detailed records of customer information is key for any pet care business, but doing so can often feel like you’re doggy paddling in a sea of miscellaneous paperwork. Luckily, PetLinx software can throw you a lifeline through digital data collection. Keep track of customer details and pet information easily, like vaccinations or their preferred grooming style. We make adding information on the fly simple, and our powerful search function means you can pull it up within seconds.

Avoid No-Shows with SMS Reminders

As a business owner, spending half the day on the phone is often seen as necessary to avoid the nuisances of no-shows and keep your customers’ tails wagging. With PetLinx software’s SMS feature, you can put down the phone once and for all. Our SMS centre allows you to create custom message templates for clients to remind them of upcoming bookings. Rather than getting lost in a sea of emails, these reminders go straight into your customers’ pockets via their phones, making no-shows a problem of the past.

Cloud or Desktop: the Choice is Yours

Many pet care platforms have left desktop users out in the cold, preferring newer cloud-based software. However, here at PetLinx, we still appreciate the value desktop software can provide; that’s why our PetLinx software is available in both the cloud and desktop. Our desktop platform is the way to go for those who don’t want to be at the mercy of suspect internet or want to ensure data security. Whereas if you’re looking for high speeds and portability, our cloud version has everything you need.

Full Booking Portal Integration

A huge part of PetLinx’s appeal is it’s integration with the BookMy.Pet Portal. Customers can easily search for available bookings through this handy pet booking portal, comparing the times and services offered. As we all get more tech-savvy, potential customers are forgoing traditional methods of booking/seeking out services for the convenience of online platforms. Thanks to PetLinx and the BookMy.Pet Portal, you can send your business into the digital age with ease.

Add a Powerful Punch of Productivity with PetLinx

PetLinx software will help lighten the load of your day-to-day operations with a series of powerful productivity features. Start using PetLinx today with our free 30-day trial!