Land’s End Cat Resort – PetLinx Success Story

Owned and operated by Blythe and her husband David, Land’s End Cat Resort in British Columbia, Canada, is a one-of-a-kind retreat even the pickiest of pets will love. The resort was born from the couple’s fascination with their feline friends. They leveraged Blythe’s background as a veterinary doctor to offer state-of-the-art facilities and care backed by expert knowledge. Setting a new standard in the industry, Land’s End Cat Resort needed cattery software that was doing the same, so they turned to PetLinx’s pet boarding software to ensure their cattery remained a five-star retreat. Discover how PetLinx improved their daily operations and helped them run a successful retreat!

When PetLinx Came to Stay

PetLinx cattery software began its stay at the Land’s End Cat Resort to keep the paperwork monster at bay. Initially using Excel to keep track of cat boarding bookings and Microsoft Word to produce the invoices, Blythe and David quickly found themselves drowning in an ocean of documents and spreadsheets as their business took off.  


After shopping around for the right cattery software, the powerful boarding bookings feature made PetLinx the stand-out option. Having used the software for over a decade, Land’s End Cat Resort have found PetLinx to be indispensable in their daily operations. Discover some of the PetLinx features that have benefited Land’s End Cat Resort.

How PetLinx Helped the Daily Operations of Land’s End Cat Resort

Kept Tabs on Guests with Detailed Report Cards

Not every cat is as cuddly as their owners think, and when running a high-end cattery, it’s essential to pick out the troublemakers from the pack. PetLinx’s report card feature allowed Land’s End Cat Resort to create report cards on clients and cats for their eyes only with details on their behaviour. With this feature, you can make individual notes to clients printed on their invoices detailing their furry friend’s stay.

Got an Accurate View of their Schedule with the Timeline View

Creating a pet boarding booking schedule can be time-consuming and challenging without powerful cattery software. PetLinx’s timeline view gave Blythe and David a quick and easy way to lay out their daily schedule, providing a handy snapshot of both current and future bookings.

Avoided No-Shows with Board Booking Reminders

Nothing is more frustrating for pet boarding business owners than no-shows; they waste time and leave everyone unhappy. Thanks to PetLinx, this became a non-issue for Land’s End Cat Resort. Rather than sending email reminders that get drowned out by cluttered email inboxes, the company used PetLinx to send SMS messages directly into customers’ pockets, reminding them of upcoming bookings.

Put Your Best Paw Forward with PetLinx

PetLinx has helped transform Land’s End Cat Resort into a paradise of purrs like no other. Use PetLinx for your cattery software to build a five-star cat resort. Start your free 30-day trial of PetLinx and our pet booking app today to discover its features and experience an easier way to run your pet care business!