Portal Features

Reduce your workload!  Provide your customers with the BookMy.Pet online portal, a place to keep their details up to date, add and maintain records of their pets, and make new booking requests with you. 

Customer and Pet Details

Your customer enters details of themselves and their pets with an optional photo, and can also provide vaccination details including uploading a certificate.

Booking Requests

An easy step-by-step process to request bookings, which then display in PetLinx where you choose to accept or decline them.  Your current schedule is always reflected in BookMy.Pet so only dates and times where you have availability can be booked.

Booking Management

The customer’s future and past bookings are presented to them in a clear format, and also enables them to cancel if needed (while specifying a reason).

Mobile Friendly

BookMy.Pet works great on mobile devices, so your customers can request new bookings whenever and wherever they feel like it.

More Features


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