Pet Safety Tips for a Dog Daycare Business

Running a dog daycare means keeping all your ducks (or rather dogs) in a row. Pet safety should be the number one priority of anyone running a dog daycare. Owners want a safe and fun environment for their dogs; a successful daycare will provide this.


We wanted to share some crucial safety tips to go along with our dog daycare app. Here are a few of our favourite pet safety tips to ensure your daycare runs like a five-star puppy retreat.

Screening for Behavioural Issues

Meet and greets are essential for assessing the behaviour of different dogs to ensure they are the right fit for daycare. Unfortunately, some dogs have issues that could endanger themselves or others. Part of pet safety is ensuring everyone can play nice and get along at daycare.


It’s helpful to have a set list of questions to ask owners about their dogs when you meet to gain insight into their behaviour. Training yourself and your staff to properly observe and identify signs of aggression or anxiety in dogs is also necessary.

Proper Supervision

Dogs love to get into mischief and will need a keen eye to watch them at all times to ensure pet safety at your daycare. Proper supervision is a little more involved than simply watching them, though!


Dogs are constantly interacting and playing with each other; what you need to do is be able to identify when things may be getting out of hand. Here are a few tell-tale signs that a dog may be agitated:

  • A dog is hunching over, getting as close to the ground as possible.
  • A dog is shifting its weight forward and standing tall.
  • A dog’s back is arched or extremely stiff.

Have a Plan to Separate

Even when dogs are getting along, there are many reasons to keep them apart. Making sure you can separate dogs when needed is vital to the overall safety of the pets at your daycare.


Utilising temporary fences/gates is a great way to give an over-excited puppy a break from the others, almost like a time-out zone for kids. Even dogs that are the best of buds can become testy during dinner time; consider providing meals in separate areas to keep the peace.

Safe and Secure Play Area

The play area is the heart of any dog daycare business, and ensuring it is secure and safe is essential. A well-fenced and enclosed area will allow dogs to romp around without getting in trouble. 

Ensure Your Daycare is Safe, Secure, and Fun

Pet safety is paramount in any dog daycare business, and following these essential tips will help ensure the wellbeing of all the dogs in your care. Remember, happy and healthy dogs are the key to a successful dog daycare business!


With your guests’ taken care of, it’s time to get the books in order. Download your free trial of our dog daycare software, PetLinx, today to take your business to the next level.