General Features

Every subscription to PetLinx includes all these great features.

Detailed Record Keeping

Record full information of your Customers, Pets, Bookings, Invoices and Payments, Retail Products, Business Contacts, and Employees.

Powerful Search Function

Locate customers and pets quickly by name, or do an advanced search using any combination of name, phone, and address.

Quick and Easy Invoicing

Create, print and email invoices from completed bookings and/or retail product sales.

Automatic Messaging

Reduce no shows with automated booking reminders, even send vaccination reminders and pet birthday cards via email or SMS.

Email and SMS Templates

Easily create professional looking content, send marketing emails and SMS to your customers using your own personalized templates.

Customize Any Report

All PetLinx reports can be customized with the powerful Report Designer – add your logo and make your own invoice!

Accounting Integration

Export customers, vendors, products, services, and invoices to Quickbooks (Note: your Quickbooks version must support importing IIF files. You do not need Quickbooks to use PetLinx).

Personalize It Your Way

Completely change the look of PetLinx to suit your style by choosing one of the themed “skins”.

Comprehensive Reporting

A wide variety of statistical and financial reports and charts are available to provide an insight on any aspect of your business.

More Features


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