The Dog Den Daycare – PetLinx Success Story

It’s safe to say there are not enough hours in the day or days in the week, even if you count them in dog years! Running a dog daycare can have you chasing your own tail if you aren’t properly prepared. Dog daycare software like PetLinx can help you rein in a misbehaving business and turn your daycare into a perfect puppy retreat.


Discover the story of The Dog Den in Takapuna, New Zealand, and how Steve and Helen use PetLinx to keep all their customers’ tails wagging.


The Dog Den Meets PetLinx

When Steve and Helen brought home Darby, their sassy Border Terrier, they discovered the wonders of dog daycares for both Darby and themselves. Wanting to share this discovery with their community, they started The Dog Den in 2015.


Knowing first-hand how much work goes into looking after one pup, let alone a whole pack, Steve and Helen searched for dog daycare software to help avoid the barks and bites of starting a business. And eventually, they found it in PetLinx. As Steve explains, “After evaluating a number of solutions on the market, we chose PetLinx, due to the founder Laurence’s help and the fact that it boasted the best technology on the market.”


The Many Benefits of PetLinx Steve Discovered

Digitising Dog Daycare Bookings

Don’t get lost in the chaos of barking dogs, phone calls, and paperwork when using the powerful PetLinx dog daycare app. For Steve and Helen, PetLinx was able to help The Dog Den leap into the future by digitising bookings. Steve explains, “We switched to online bookings, and now 80% of our customers regularly use them, reducing unstructured emails and phone traffic. We also opened a second centre, and PetLinx easily coped with its handy multiple location function when booking.”

PetLinx Compiles Everything You Need into One Platform

Why use multiple different software when PetLinx can do it all in one simple-to-use platform? As Steve explains, “PetLinx has been easy to use and train our staff with. It covers daycare, grooming, boarding, a fully functional CRM and retail, meaning we could have just one system.”

Communication is Always Key

Clear and concise communication is key when running a dog daycare, but you don’t want to spend half your day chained to the phone, ringing up for reminders or taking calls for cancellations. With PetLinx’s SMS feature, you won’t have to!


Steve and Helen say they use this handy function daily to keep in contact with clients while not getting bogged down by phone calls.


“We set up automated personalised emails for birthdays, vaccinations, and when pre-paid passes run out. The SMS messages and confirmations help us reduce staff workload and communicate effectively with our customers.”

Transform Your Dog Daycare with PetLinx

PetLinx has helped The Dog Den manage the challenges of running a pet care business with its powers of organisational and booking features. Whether you’re after dog daycare, boarding kennel, or pet grooming software, PetLinx has something for you.