Must-Have Dog Daycare Equipment

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Utilising the right dog daycare equipment is crucial to keeping your furry guests’ tails wagging and noses out of trouble during their stay. Transform your dog daycare into a pet paradise with these fun and challenging equipment ideas.

Software for Scheduling

As a daycare owner, your days are filled with furry friends coming and going in a flurry of barks and wagging tails. Every daycare should have effective dog daycare software. While it won’t keep the dogs occupied, it will help take care of the nitty-gritty of running a business, so you can focus on keeping the dogs happy and their tails wagging.

Paddling Pools to Keep Pups Cool

Paddling pools are an instant favourite for aquatically inclined pups, giving them a chance to burn off some energy while keeping cool on hot afternoons. If you have a few senior citizens visiting your dog daycare, soaking in a paddling pool is the perfect activity as it is relatively low-impact and can soothe sore joints.


You can purchase premade pet-safe pools for relatively cheap or get stuck in and build one yourself! If adding a paddling pool, you’ll need to keep a keen eye out to ensure pet safety.

Sandboxes for Endless Digging

Digging is second nature to many dogs, particularly tunnelling breeds like dachshunds or beagles. Sandboxes are lawn-saving dog daycare equipment that protects your backyard from countless holes and can add a touch of outdoor fun to an indoor daycare. Let your four-legged clients burn off some of that mischievous energy by installing a sandbox in your daycare.

Snuffle Mats for Challenging Treats

Dogs learn through their noses, and a snuffle mat is a great way to encourage them to sniff. Snuffle mats are dog toys designed to provide mental stimulation and entertainment as they search and snuffle their way to find the hidden treats buried in the mat.


Hide a few treats inside the mat and watch them go. But remember to bring enough for the whole class! If you run a larger dog daycare, you’ll want to provide a few of these toys so everyone gets a go at figuring them out.

Agility Jumps for the Athletes

Agility jumps are beloved dog daycare equipment for the athletic dogs of the group. Perfect for those high-octane four-footers, agility jumps will tucker out even the most overactive dogs. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, agility jumps are an easy plug-and-play piece of equipment for your daycare.


Agility jumps are easy to make yourself, or you can purchase premade ones. Keep in mind that jumps are better suited for younger dogs and should be avoided for older dogs who may struggle with the impact.

Keep Tails Wagging and Mouths Smiling with PetLinx

The right dog daycare equipment can take your daycare from a one-star lodging to a five-star hotel where tails are always wagging, and customers are always smiling. Discover the difference our dog daycare app can make for you, and sign up for PetLinx today.