Small Business Marketing Tips for Pet Care Companies

In the bustling business of pet care, standing out from the pack is imperative. Competing with the top dogs in your industry may seem daunting, but you can become a leader in no time with an effective digital marketing strategy. To get ahead of the competition, we have created a list of our favourite small business marketing tips

It All Begins with a Website

The tech-heavy age we live in demands some online presence for every business, big or small. No company can be truly successful without it. Building your presence online begins with a professional website. A website acts as a giant digital billboard for your business, giving potential customers vital information on your services. As a pet care company, your website should leverage your furry customers and the internet’s favourite stars: the animals. Add a portfolio with pictures of your workplace, your customers’ wagging tails, and their owners’ testimonials.

Implement an Effortless Booking System

An online booking system is an essential addition to any website and a vital aspect of your small business marketing strategy. PetLinx offers a powerful pet booking portal that will benefit your business and clients. A booking portal allows customers to easily see when and where appointments are available, making it simple to book into their own schedule and vice versa. Moreover, our booking portal is a set-and-forget feature, allowing you to get off the phone and focus on running your pet care business.

Start Using Marketing Messaging

While email marketing is a tried-and-true marketing strategy that has been used for decades, we are seeing a slight shift in approach from many companies. SMS marketing is beginning to replace email as a more direct and effective approach. Emails tend to get buried in customers already cluttered in boxes, whereas SMS pops up on their phones. With the PetLinx messaging centre, you can create custom message templates to send to customers, from promotion announcements to appointment reminders; it can all be done automatically with PetLinx.

Get a Little More Social

Getting social with your pet care business is one of the most effective small business marketing strategies, as it doesn’t take expert knowledge or lots of money to pull off. All you need to do is be active! Make posts featuring your pets, run competitions, and interact with your customers online. It’s no secret that we all love seeing cute animals on our social media feeds, so be sure to make the best out of your business situation and utilise your four-legged customers.

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Strategy with PetLinx

An effective marketing strategy will help your pet care business gain a competitive edge. In the pet care world, you’ll need every advantage you can get. If you aren’t already putting time into marketing your small business, it’s time to get a move on! As a powerful grooming and dog boarding software, PetLinx can help you grow your online presence and market your business effectively; start your free trial today.