Essential Guide to Starting a Pet Care Business

Busy bulldog about to start a pet care business
When starting a pet care business, it’s not enough to simply love animals (although that will help!). Creating a pet care company requires the right tools and an understanding of how to use them. Follow our guide to help you get started.

What Breed of Business will You Create?

Pet businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some provide grooming services, while others offer animal boarding and daycare. In the pet world, finding a niche large enough to be profitable but small enough that offers a chance to grow is critical. With that in mind, let’s go over ideas for pet services you can provide:


The call to adventure will grab us all at one point, but bringing your pet along for the ride isn’t always an option. Boarding businesses offer pet owners a safe and secure place to leave their animals while travelling. In our post-covid age, boarding businesses are growing in popularity as much of the population heads overseas after being landlocked for so long.

Doggy Daycare

Many dog parents are full-time workers away from home for extended periods. A doggy daycare offers dogs a place to play during working hours, giving owners peace of mind.

Duties of a dog daycare include feeding, walking, brushing, giving medication, and cleaning. While you don’t need to be a professional dog-whisperer, the ability to work well with animals is a must.


Pet grooming may be a perfect choice if you have a love for animals that is only rivalled by your passion for fashion. Groomers typically offer hair and nail trimming, baths, and much more.

To start a pet grooming business, a passion for animals is essential, but you must also know how to handle and care for the animals.

Create an Online Home

PetLinx is software for dog grooming, boarding kennels, catteries, and dog daycares that will allow you to move your business into the modern age. The highly functional BookMy.Pet online portal makes PetLinx one of the best pet grooming software solutions available. This portal allows customers to easily book appointments and fill in details while making it easier than ever for you to manage customer information and booking requests.

Training and Education

Passion isn’t enough; adequate training and education are an absolute must if you want a service-based pet business. Whether you are looking to open a grooming business or a pet daycare, an investment in high-quality training is well worth the effort. Experience living with and looking after pets in the past is great, and having your own animals is an excellent start, but it can’t replace the knowledge you can get from proper training and education.

To Build Your Dream Business, You’ll Need the Right Tools

Don’t be scared of the prospect of starting a pet business. With the right tools, creating a sustainable and successful pet business is well within your reach. One tool you can’t do without is pet care software. PetLinx is a flexible platform that can cater to a variety of pet-related services. No matter how big or small your dream business is, we can help!