Email and SMS Appointment Reminders – Eliminate No-shows in No Time

No-shows are bad for any grooming business for several reasons you’re more than likely familiar with. But with the help of our pet grooming software’s powerful email and SMS appointment reminder features, you can make no-shows a problem of the past. Discover how our email and SMS appointment reminders can help you avoid no-shows and make it easier to communicate with customers.

Keep Your Customers Up to Date with Email Reminders

PetLinx’s message centre allows you to set up automatic email reminders to notify customers when they have an upcoming appointment. You can even send vacation reminders and pet birthday cards. Our professional email templates will let you add a personal touch to your appointment reminders.

Why SMS Reminders are the Future of Customer Contact

While email appointment reminders are helpful in preventing no-shows, SMS reminders are even more effective. Unlike email, which gets sent to your customers’ cluttered inboxes, SMS appointment reminders are sent directly to their smartphones from the PetLinx messaging centre. Reminders pop up like regular texts; they’re clearly visible and difficult to ignore.  


Through PetLinx, you can easily set up automated text reminder templates to inform customers of upcoming appointments or to let them know when we’ve finished their furry friend’s haircut. Here’s how SMS reminders can improve your daily business operations.

One Less Thing to Do in Your Busy Schedule

SMS appointment reminders are the perfect example of the set-it-and-forget-it functionality you will enjoy when using PetLinx. They take the admin out of no-shows with little effort required on your end. With reminder texts, you can more easily reach out to customers in a noticeable way. Simply customise our messaging templates to suit your business, and the messages will automatically send when needed. This convenient, simplified communication process will help you free up your schedule so you can focus on other pressing business matters.

Cancellations are Made Instead of Forgotten

Sending SMS reminders will not only notify customers of appointments but make it easier for them to cancel any booking if necessary. Cancelling a pre-booked appointment can often slip customers’ minds and result in no-shows. Our reminders will provide a phone number or email to make it easy for customers to get in touch and cancel when need be.  

Avoid Frequent Disruptions During Work Hours

Chatting on the phone with customers about appointments and cancellations can be very disruptive to your workflow. Our SMS appointment reminders will reduce your time spent on cumbersome phone calls, allowing you to improve your daily time management and efficiency.

Simplify Your Scheduling Process

No-shows waste valuable time and money. If customers aren’t showing up for their appointments in your salon, it’s time to hang up the phone and pick up PetLinx. Our email and SMS appointment reminder features will eliminate no-shows and reduce your daily workload significantly. Discover the benefits today; try our dog grooming software on a free trial to see what you’re missing out on!