4 Ways Pet Software Can Benefit Your Business

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If you’re spending more time chasing your own tail than running your pet care business, it may be time to consider PetLinx. Pet software benefits small businesses by taking care of day-to-day admin and making customer interaction as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for software for kennels, groomers, or boarding businesses, discover how pet software can benefit you.


Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Clients today seek an effortless customer experience driven by fantastic service and innovative technology. Pet software benefits the customer-facing side of your business by effectively organising everything on the back end, from customer details to booking times and pet vaccination details; PetLinx takes care of it all!


Customers are more independent than ever, preferring to help themselves than rely on someone else. PetLinx helps put the power back into the hands of your customers by providing a portal for them to enter their pet’s information themselves. Age, medical conditions, and dietary needs are all things customers can update through PetLinx, and you’ll be notified of them on your end.

Save Money and Time on Scheduling

Running a business alone can suck the time out of your day and leave you wondering where it went. Pet software benefits your daily operations by automating the cumbersome admin tasks you’d rather not, nor have to be, doing yourself. Utilising pet care software means you’ll spend less time and money finicking over the nitty gritty of day-to-day admin and can instead reinvest this saved time, money, and effort into further growing your business.

Don’t Go Barking Mad Over Bookings

Like fleas to a dog, missed appointments are a nuisance that can become a massive and costly problem if not properly treated. Luckily for you, pet software like PetLinx offers clever treatment options to help avoid any missed appointments. The BookMy.Pet Portal streamlines the booking process for customers, showing them precisely what appointments are available, preventing any potential for double bookings. Once an appointment is made, our software will send out SMS reminders leading up to and on the day of the appointment to ensure nobody forgets their booking. Make missed bookings a problem of the past with PetLinx.

From Nose to Tail, Pet Care Software Covers it All

Pet software is truly the Swiss army knife of the pet care industry, able to pack a powerful punch of functionality into one easy-to-use platform. Through PetLinx, you can consolidate customer information and pet details, organise your schedule, create print and email invoices, and even integrate accounting software. Turn the juggling act of running a business into a simple game of catch by streamlining your operations with PetLinx.

Get Ahead of the Pack with PetLinx

If you’re looking to cut through the challenges of working in the pet industry, you’ll need every advantage you can get. As the best pet grooming software available, PetLinx provides everything you need to run a pet care business in one simple platform. Download a free trial of PetLinx and get your nose ahead of the competition today.