Barkin Beautiful – PetLinx Success Story

Benefits of PetLinx – Barkin Beautiful reception desk

Lauren has been working her tail off in the grooming industry since 2003. Working in various grooming salons over her career, Lauren has seen the business end of the grooming industry and knows what it takes to run a successful salon. So, when striking out on her own with the Brisbane, Australia based Barkin Beautiful, she knew exactly what she needed: PetLinx, and the benefits of a powerful pet grooming software that would help her organise bookings and keep her salon’s tail wagging.

How Lauren Escaped the Paperwork Kennel with PetLinx

When Lauren started out, grooming salons were organized by a paper maze of booking diaries that looked more like a school art project than an organized ledger. These experiences led her to apricate the necessity of powerful organization tools. She explains, “It was a different time in grooming then — old school. There were no laptops to make bookings. A paper diary ran nearly all salons which made organization messy, and a business could really only book on a week-to-week basis.”


When starting her own salon, Barkin Beautiful, Lauren ditched the diary and leapt into the future by fully harnessing the many great features and benefits of PetLinx with the help of founder Laurence. She feared “leaving the diary behind”, but Laurence supported her.


“With the help and guidance of Laurence, he taught me all the ins and outs and backups in between. Any dramas I had, he was only a phone call away.”

The Many Benefits of PetLinx Lauren Discovered

Never Forget a Name with PetLinx Client Details Feature

Managing client details presents a big hurdle to overcome. These challenges become especially apparent when spread across multiple salons. Thankfully, the benefits of PetLinx’s customer detail filing features make these tricky waters easy to navigate. As Lauren puts it, “Having all client’s details saved in great detail has really helped the success of my business. Having regular cloud backups eases my mind, knowing I will never lose any of this valuable information.”

Magic Appointment Managing Features

Customer bookings once presented a massive bottleneck for Lauren’s business, but when she started using the dog grooming appointment software module on PetLinx, she found that the problem completely disappeared.


“Since using Petlinx, my business has skyrocketed! I can add warnings to bookings and adjust time slots on the fly, but what made my business so successful was the recurring button! It makes it super easy to plan our whole year with multiple staff. Especially Christmas.”

Contact is Key to Customer Experience

Keeping in touch with your clients is essential to running a grooming salon. For Lauren, the benefits of the PetLinx SMS feature kept her customers informed, reducing the number of no-shows or missed appointments.


“The SMS service is very handy as every customer receives a reminder 2-4 days in advance,” Lauren explains. “We also send out a confirmation SMS when a booking is first made.”

Get Ahead of the Competition with PetLinx

PetLinx has helped Lauren’s Barkin Beautiful grooming salon put its nose ahead of the competition with its powerful organizational and booking features. Head over to PetLinx to discover how we can help your pet care business today.