BookMy.Pet Customer Portal Benefits & Features

Customer portal benefits – Small dog being groomed

As your pet care business expands, so too will your management responsibilities. Grooming, dog daycare and dog boarding apps like PetLinx can help you navigate the turbulent seas of paperwork and customer details faster and easier than ever! Here we discuss the features of our customer portal and the benefits it can have for your pet care business.

What is the BookMy.Pet Portal?

Between unanswered phone calls and inconvenient booking processes, the hassle of booking pet care appointments is enough to drive you barking mad. BookMy.Pet Portal is changing that by enabling your customers to do the work for you!

They simply enter information about themselves and their fur babies, select their preferred dates and service, and the BookMy.Pet Portal will handle the rest! This innovative customer portal allows your clients to ditch phone calls and be instantly provided with availability and virtual viewings. The BookMy.Pet customer portal can have huge benefits for existing and potential customers and, ultimately, your pet care business too.

Benefits of Using the BookMy.Pet Customer Portal

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

No one goes into the pet care industry thinking, “I hope I spend all my time doing paperwork.” You likely went into pet care because you love working with animals. The BookMy.Pet customer portal will benefit you and your business by automating a majority of the nitty gritty data collection that keeps many owners chained to their computers. Get back to doing what you love and let PetLinx and BookMy.Pet handle the monotonous administrative tasks.

Collect Customer Data

As your pet care business grows, keeping track of your customers’ pet information can often be a struggle. Our customer portal will benefit your business by letting customers manage their personal details, including updating their information, providing pet photos, and seeing upcoming bookings without the hassle of needing to call, email, or text you.

Booking Appointments has Never Been Easier!

Dog grooming and pet boarding software like PetLinx is harnessing the power of BookMy.Pet to streamline the booking process. As more and more businesses go digital, there is a tendency to leave a few customers behind, particularly those technically challenged – with BookMy.Pet, that doesn’t happen! One of the greatest benefits of this customer portal is its straightforward UI that anyone is capable of navigating.

Avoid Double Bookings and Missed Appointments

Missed appointments and double bookings are a nuisance for customers and a headache for business owners, but with the BookMy.Pet customer portal, you can avoid them entirely. BookMy.Pet accurately reflects your business’s schedule, so customers can only make booking requests where there is availability, eliminating the risk of double bookings.

Stop Chasing Your Tail and Start Utilising PetLinx at Your Business

When running a pet care business, it can sometimes feel like you’re spending more time chasing your own tail than working on the business. The PetLinx BookMy.Pet customer portal can benefit you by automating the nitty gritty of running a business, reducing cancellations, and making everything mobile. Get in touch with us today to discover how PetLinx can help you grow your business.