Valerie’s Paw Spa – PetLinx Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story - Valerie's Paw Spa van

Valerie’s Paw Spa in Nevada, USA, has been keeping tails wagging and whiskers wiggling with delight for over nine years with its comprehensive grooming services. Catering to all sorts of breeds of dogs and cats, Valerie and her team have created a state-of-the-art grooming facility for pets from all walks of life. To support their day-to-day operations, Valerie turned to PetLinx. Read Valerie’s customer success story below to discover how our pet grooming software helped the company succeed.

Gaining the Upper Paw on the Competition with PetLinx

When Paw Spa first began to take off, Valerie’s team saw the writing on the wall, and things were about to get a whole lot crazier. To avoid getting lost in a mess of barks and meows, they suggested that Valerie look into PetLinx. This was nine years ago, and Spa Paw are still happily using our dog grooming software today! They couldn’t imagine life without it. Discover how PetLinx has helped Spa Paw become the ultimate grooming salon.

Pet grooming software - PetLinx staff washing a dog

How PetLinx Helped the Daily Operations of Valerie’s Paw Spa

Never Lose Track of Your Schedule

When running a grooming salon, your schedule is the lifeblood of your business. It helps you make sense of your day-to-day routine and ensures a smooth operation. Valerie has been using our pet grooming software to help tame her and her team’s schedules to great success.


The PetLinx schedule management feature provides an up-to-date view of all appointments. You can even make updates on the fly, and the timeline view will display these changes in real time, ensuring everyone knows exactly what they need to be doing. This handy snapshot of current and future bookings helps Paw Spa rein in its scheduling and stay on top of day-to-day operations.

Automating the Nitty Gritty Tasks

All the little mundane tasks of running a small business can suck the time out of your day, leaving you wondering where it all went. With PetLinx, Valerie was able to reclaim her workday by allowing PetLinx’s powerful automation tools to take care of the nitty-gritty stuff that comes with running a business. Thanks to our pet grooming software, cumbersome admin tasks were no longer an issue for Paw Spa.

No-Shows are No Longer an Issue

Before integrating PetLinx into her operations, Valerie would spend half her day on the phone chasing up clients to remind them of upcoming appointments. Like fleas to a dog, no-shows are a huge nuisance that can become a costly problem if not properly treated. Luckily, PetLinx provided Paw Spa with a handy SMS reminder feature that practically eliminated no-shows for the business.


The PetLinx SMS feature allows you to create a custom message template for clients to remind them of upcoming appointments. Rather than an email that will likely get drowned out by an overcrowded inbox, these reminders go straight into your customers’ pockets via their phones. With our pet grooming software’s SMS feature, Valerie could put down the phone without missing out on appointments.

Better Booking Solutions

Customer booking can present a massive bottleneck for any grooming salon, especially one as busy as Paw Spa. However, once Valerie integrated PetLinx into her business, she found that the problem completely disappeared.


PetLinx’s pet booking portal streamlines the booking process for customers and operators. Customers can easily view when and where appointments are available, discover services provided, and make a booking with just a few clicks! This feature meant the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook constantly at Paw Spa, and they were able to spend less time stuck on the phone and more time focusing on what’s important: the pets!

Use PetLinx for Pawesome Results

PetLinx is a powerful pet grooming software that has helped Valerie’s Paw Spa reach new heights thanks to a range of features. If you want to experience your own customer success story like Valerie, check out PetLinx today and get a free 30-day trial.