How Dog Grooming Software Will Keep Your Business Organised

It’s easy to get lost in the tufts of fur and barking dogs while running your grooming salon. Dog grooming software such as PetLinx can help you organise your business better. From reducing no-shows to keeping track of your four-legged customer’s favourite trim, PetLinx will help you get the most out of your grooming salon.

Reduce No-Shows with PetLinx

No-shows are good for no one. The groomer loses out on a job, and the client misses out on a trim. Our dog grooming software will help your salon avoid no-shows as much as possible with an easy-to-use pet booking portal for customers and SMS reminders.


The BookMy.Pet Portal streamlines the booking process for clients, only showing them what dates and time are available, so there is no risk of overbooking yourself. If you have multiple locations, the portal will differentiate between them to ensure customers aren’t sent to the wrong store.


Once an appointment is confirmed, our dog grooming software will send out SMS or email reminders to customers to ensure nobody forgets their booking. You can make no-shows a problem of the past with PetLinx.

Record Details on Grooming Styles

Most of the time, owners will be unaware of how their dogs should be groomed. Our dog grooming software allows you to keep detailed notes on grooming styles for individual dogs. How short did you trim their hair? Did you shave the entire belly last time? What about the nails? You can enter all this information in PetLinx and keep track of it for the next appointment.

Manage Schedules

Your grooming schedule is the heartbeat of your business. An organised schedule will have your business and staff’s tails wagging just as much as the dogs. A poorly planned schedule will have your business devolving into a mess of barks and unhappy clients. PetLinx’s scheduling features are extremely powerful and capable of reining in even the most ill-behaved business.


With PetLinx, you can view your workload by day, week, work week, or month. A simple drag-and-drop feature makes on-the-fly changes to dog grooming booking dates and times the groomer assigned. Any updates are automatically adjusted in your calendar to ensure you never miss a beat.

Detailed Booking Options

Modern grooming salons offer an extensive range of services which is great for the customer but can be a nightmare for managing bookings. Our dog grooming software enables you to create bookings with multiple different services and charging options, making it easy for yourself and the customer to keep track of what each booking entails. PetLinx can also auto-create future bookings based on their previous visit to streamline repeat visits.

Put the Clippers Down and Pick up PetLinx

Managing a dog grooming business can be tough, and you’ll need all the help you can get. Our dog grooming software will help you organise the chaos of day-to-day operations with simple yet powerful features. It has everything you need to manage your business. Try out PetLinx on a free 30-day trial and discover its fantastic features today.