Desktop vs Cloud Based Software – Which is Better?

Man working with cloud based software

Many claim the battle has already been fought for desktop vs cloud based software, and the cloud won. But desktop software is far from dead. Despite the growth and demand for cloud based programs, our desktop habits remain, and our taskbars are still dotted with downloaded applications. So, which one is better for your pet care business? Here we attempt to find that out.

Benefits of Desktop Software

Consistent User Experience

Desktop software tends to be faster and more responsive than its cloud based counterparts. As it doesn’t need to rely on an internet connection, the desktop is less affected by slow internet speeds. Desktop applications will always run as fast as your hardware allows.

Easy to Use

Once installed, desktop software is extremely straightforward to access and operate, and you know it will always work with your hardware because it was specially designed for it!

Downsides of Desktop Software

Limited by Hardware

Desktop software is designed specifically for the operating system it runs on, making it run smoothly but also handicapping its growth. Software maintenance becomes just as reliant on upgrading the hardware as the software itself. 

Restricted Accessibility

Desktop software is downloaded and installed onto a specific device, severely limiting the software’s manoeuvrability. In other words, you will always need that specific device when you want to access the application, which can be a real hassle for busy business owners.

Benefits of Cloud Based Software

Data Recovery

Losing customer data can be a huge setback, but your data is always recoverable with cloud based solutions like PetLinx Cloud and our pet booking portal. With your data tucked away safely in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about losing data again!


Cloud based software is not bound to one device, giving your business more scalability. If a company requires further software extensions, they can add them through the cloud.

Downsides of Cloud Based Software

Requires a Good Internet Connection

Cloud-based software relies on a good internet connection, which is the reason for its great benefits, but in the wrong situation can cause more headaches than it’s worth. Slow internet means a slow application. Patchy internet means a patchy service.

Increased Security Risk

While the cloud is great for data recovery, it poses a more significant security risk. With the data stored online, you rely on the software provider for access to it and can’t control the protection of it in the same way you can with local data storage.

Desktop vs Cloud – Is There Room for Both?

The battle between desktop and cloud software is not quite the massacre it’s often painted as. If you have security concerns or suspect internet, desktop software is the way to go. Whereas if you’re seeking accessibility and portability, cloud based software is what you’re looking for. Here at PetLinx, we believe there’s more than enough room for both solutions, which is why our grooming, boarding, and dog daycare apps are available in both desktop and cloud versions.